3 reasons why other clubs are ‘annoyed’ by Erik ten Hag and Manchester United

Erik ten Hag, Manchester United (Photo by CON CHRONIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Erik ten Hag, Manchester United (Photo by CON CHRONIS/AFP via Getty Images) /
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Jealousy against Manchester United

There is no doubt that other clubs are jealous of Manchester United’s success. It happens with Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Bayern Munich. When a club has success, they will also have haters. Man City have less haters right now. But, when they get more success and get closer to United, the honeymoon period with other fans will be over and those people will slag off City instead of congratulating them on their success. Yes, at the top, you will be alone. This is what happens with Manchester United.

Other clubs just cannot see United getting back to the top. The demons of the past still haunt them. That is why they will tag Ten Hag as ‘crybaby’ and so many other things. These fans of other clubs know that Ten Hag could be the manager who brings United back to the top of English football. But, they will not accept that the problem is in the ownership of United.

They don’t know what happens at our club. And, when fans of other clubs slag off United, it makes me happy to see how scared they are of us even though it’s over a decade since we won the league. Finally, there is just one more thing to say before concluding. On behalf of all Manchester United fans to fans of other clubs who are annoyed by Erik ten Hag and Manchester United, “We enjoy your fears!”