“Far too public and excruciating” Sir Jim Ratcliffe opens up on Manchester United takeover bid

Manchester United, Sir Jim Ratcliffe. (Photo by Valery HACHE / AFP) (Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images)
Manchester United, Sir Jim Ratcliffe. (Photo by Valery HACHE / AFP) (Photo by VALERY HACHE/AFP via Getty Images) /

Manchester United takeover has been going on for almost a year. One of the two leading candidates, Sir Jim Ratcliffe spoke about his Man Utd takeover bid.

The Manchester United takeover saga is yet to end. And, the Glazer family is making fans restless with their lack of intent on selling the club. At one time, they decided to take the club off the market. However, recent reports suggest that a November Man Utd takeover deadline has been set by the Raine group, the company that is overseeing the entire process. The two major candidates for this takeover are Sheikh Jassim from Qatar and Sir Jim Ratcliffe from the UK. There was a time when fans thought that Sir Jim was getting the club. However, tables have turned towards Sheikh Jassim of Qatar. Now, Sir Jim Ratcliffe has finally opened up about his Man United takeover bid.

Sir Jim Ratcliffe on Manchester United takeover bid

During an interview on the official YouTube channel of INEOS, the founder of the company, Sir Jim Ratcliffe expressed his views on his Manchester United takeover bid. He said:

"“The Manchester United bid would have been unthinkable two or three years ago if we hadn’t had some of the experiences, and some of them quite difficult experiences, with Lausanne and Nice.”"

He further added,

"“You can’t really contemplate acquiring a brand like Manchester United and failing because the failure is just far too public and excruciating in a deal like that.”"

This is the first time that any of the potential Man Utd takeover candidates spoke in public about the bid. Fans are growing frustrated because of the lack of movement in the takeover process. Some fans are backing Sir Jim whereas others are backing the Sheikh from Qatar. However, when it comes to fans wanting Glazer out, there is no division.

So, do you think Sir Jim Ratcliffe now has an upper hand in the process as he was ready to speak out publicly about his Man Utd takeover bid? Let us know in the comments!