Liverpool: Saudi side will lodge their final £200m bid for Mohamed Salah

Mohamed Salah of Liverpool (Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images)
Mohamed Salah of Liverpool (Photo by Matt McNulty/Getty Images) /

As the Saudi Arabian transfer window expires today, there is one mega project which Al-Ittihad wishes to complete. With time against them, the Saudi Pro League have been trying their hardest in the past couple of weeks to introduce Mohamed Salah of Liverpool.

The Egyptian King, as he’s known in Merseyside, has reassured his teammates and fans that he’s happy at the club. However, Saudi Arabian officials believe they have the persuasion and, let’s face it, money to convince him otherwise. Since the deadline is today, expect there to be movements made from both parties.

Al-Ittihad will submit a final £200m bid for Liverpool star Mohamed Salah

According to a report from The Telegraph, Saudi Arabia side Al-Ittihad are set to lodge their final bid for Mohamed Salah, as they’re aware of the time which has elapsed and the limited time available to them. The bid is believed to be an astonishing £200m, which many would believe to be too good to turn down.

However, we know that Jurgen Klopp loves Mohamed Salah like his own son. The two have achieved immense possibilities together and after losing Sadio Mane last summer, the last thing Klopp would like to do is let go of another superstar. Particularly when you factor in there’s no possibility for Klopp to sign a replacement until January at the earliest.

From Salah’s perspective, he loves to play the beautiful game and won’t let this distract him. However, with almost £500m being offered over three years, this is pretty difficult to ignore, no matter how much you profess to love football as the game.

It’s also worth noting Mohamed Salah’s faith. He is a Muslim by heart and Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country which follows Islamic laws and conventions. This is bound to have an impact on his decision-making, but whether it’s enough of a pull factor remains to be seen.

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