Chelsea: Poch had one concern about Mykhailo Mudryk, he’s been warned

Mykhailo Mudryk #15 of Chelsea FC (Photo by Daniel Bartel/ISI Photos/Getty Images)
Mykhailo Mudryk #15 of Chelsea FC (Photo by Daniel Bartel/ISI Photos/Getty Images) /

Mykhailo Mudryk hasn’t had a good start to his Chelsea career. Signing in January of last year for a huge fee, there was a huge expectation on his arrival. Of course, he can’t control his own price tag, but when his former club Shakhtar Donetsk tried to make him out to be the second coming of Lionel Messi, it doesn’t help the poor lad.

It’s too early to call Mudryk a flop. I do believe he will improve. But for now, he needs to focus more on developing on the pitch and honing his end product rather than worrying about his social media appearance.

If there’s anyone who can help the Ukraine international develop, it’s the new Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino. Although both of them are under the spotlight right now, I’m certain the Argentine boss has a clear development plan for Mykhailo Mudryk, as he would like to see him prosper into a world beater.

Chelsea boss Mauricio Pochettino warns Mykhailo Mudryk about overdoing it

According to the latest report from The Athletic, Mauricio Pochettino had one concern about Mykhailo Mudryk upon his arrival. Poch has had to warn Mudryk about overdoing it in the gym, over fears that he could harm his progression by not allowing for much rest.

Of course, there are positives and negatives to this. If anything, you could argue that Mudryk overdoing his gym work is a sign that he’s hungry to achieve and never satisfied. However, I can see where Poch is coming from with the warning, since rest and recovery is also important to ensure you can develop further.

Do you think Mykhailo Mudryk will be a success under Mauricio Pochettino?