Former Arsenal player, now multi-billionaire teases fans about buying club

Arsenal's French midfielder Mathieu Flamini (Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images)
Arsenal's French midfielder Mathieu Flamini (Photo by JOSEP LAGO/AFP via Getty Images) /

Arsenal fans are enjoying an impressive turnaround this season. Not only have they likely achieved their goal of top four, but they’re actually challenging for the title. Mikel Arteta is largely accredited for turning the club around, but he’s been helped by a series of former players including Edu Gaspar and Jack Wilshere, all helping behind the scenes to turn this once-great club, great again.

But one problem remains. That problem is at the top of the club’s hierarchy. Stan Kroenke, who doesn’t know the first thing about this sport, is still majority shareholder. Despite countless protests from the fans for him to sell his shares, he refuses to give into them.

But, Arsenal might be in luck. According to The Athletic, the former player and club legend Mathieu Flamini has been asked whether he’d like to potentially buy the club one day. In response, he refused to rule out buying the club.

"“[Arsenal and Marseille] have a special place in my heart… We’ll see what the future is made of. I’m a believer. If you want something very much, the universe usually brings it to you. Let’s see what the universe will bring.” – Mathieu Flamini speaking to Athletic (via The Boot Room)"

The Boot Room cites Forbes, who have estimated Flamini’s current business venture GFBiochemicals, to be worth around £10billion in 2020.

Certainly this is huge money. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that Flamini’s net worth himself is the same, it shows he knows what it takes to build a successful business. While I hate to describe football like a business, this is the future it’s heading in and it’s important that club owners have a keen business mind. If Flamini were to buy Arsenal football club one day, then not only would he have a keen mind for business, but he knows the sport and loves the club. It’s a win-win.

Do you think Arsenal will ever be owned by someone who isn’t Stan Kroenke?