Aston Villa legend bravely picks Arsenal youngster over David Beckham

Bukayo Saka of England (Photo by Craig Mercer/MB Media/Getty Images)
Bukayo Saka of England (Photo by Craig Mercer/MB Media/Getty Images) /

The comparisons are already being drawn. Although this Arsenal team is yet to win the Premier League title, the individual players who have been key to their development so far this season are being compared to Premier League icons.

The latest is Bukayo Saka, and he’s bravely been compared to David Beckham. That’s right, Aston Villa and England legend Gabriel Agbonlahor has stated he would “pick Saka over Beckham” in the England international team. That’s a brave call, given what Beckham contributed to English football.

"“I’d pick Saka over Beckham if I could pick an England team. I said it during the World Cup, I would have Saka over Beckham.” – Gabriel Agbonlahor (via talkSPORT)"

If you were to ask me, of course my Arsenal bias is going to kick in. But I would absolutely agree with Gabby and it’s great to see professionals of the game siding with England’s starboy.

Bukayo Saka is just 21 years old and has already surpassed so many obstacles in his career. Perhaps the most notable hurdle he’s had to overcome was missing the deciding penalty in the Euro final against Italy, meaning England lost the competition.

Since that penalty miss, though, Saka’s mentality has improved tenfold. He’s now an incredibly efficient penalty taker, having scored some big spot kicks including against Liverpool this season.

Look, Beckham was a great player. Of course he was – I’d be a fool to come on here and say he wasn’t. But I already know what some of the comments will be, they’ll be hyping Beckham for what was actually a very average career. Yes he won some big trophies but he was disposable in every team you put him in. That’s just the truth.

What do you think? Would you take Bukayo Saka or David Beckham in the England squad?