The 6 times that Arsenal players accelerated our heart rates this season

Jorginho, Arsenal (Photo by GEOFF CADDICK/AFP via Getty Images)
Jorginho, Arsenal (Photo by GEOFF CADDICK/AFP via Getty Images) /
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5. THAT shambles from Emiliano Martinez

Of all the players you could choose to have a say on Arsenal potentially winning the title, chances are, you wouldn’t predict ex GOALKEEPER, Emiliano Martinez.

I mean, I’m certain it would be the last of his concerns given he’s a recent World Cup winner, but he’s incredibly salty about Arsenal so it would kill him to see the club gain any success. Hence his antics in the recent match against Aston Villa where he tried, but failed, to wind up Arsenal.

Even if you look past his blatant time wasting (more on that below), he was trying to get into the Gunners’ head by playing off his line. This is something which caught him off guard when new signing Jorginho of all people fired a shot from outside of the box, rebounding off the crossbar and causing Emi Martinez to score a bullet header own goal.

In fairness to him, though, he did try to make amends for his error by going forward for a corner. He does love a glory story so it would’ve been the most Martinez thing to do if he scored a late equaliser.

But instead, he was handed another L as the corner routine was defended with ease, leaving Martinelli to run the length of the pitch, picked out by Vieira, to score an open goal. He celebrated before he even scored, thanks to the easy assist by Martinez- I mean Vieira.

Obviously, Martinez embarrassing himself made for great viewing from Arsenal fans.