Arsenal legend blames Mohamed Salah for Liverpool loss vs Bournemouth

Mohamed Salah, Liverpool (Photo by STEVE BARDENS/AFP via Getty Images)
Mohamed Salah, Liverpool (Photo by STEVE BARDENS/AFP via Getty Images) /

Liverpool came up against the Cherries in their recent Premier League match. Fresh off battering Manchester United by an impeccable scoreline of 7-0, Jurgen Klopp’s men were beat by 1-0 against Bournemouth. While they didn’t play abysmal, it was a lack of quality in the final third which prevented them from getting any points.

Mohamed Salah, who is widely recognised as Liverpool’s best player, particularly after breaking their scoring record against Manchester United recently, missed a penalty in this match. Well, ‘missed’ is quite generous – if Bournemouth had a row Z, the ball would’ve hit that.

It was quite the turnaround in form. After being Liverpool’s best player in their recent match with everyone thinking the Reds of last season are back, he was the worst player in this match with everyone thinking the Reds of THIS season are back. I think a lot of people would’ve been watching the game expecting another goal fest, but Liverpool couldn’t produce any.

One man in particular who was watching with eager eyes is Ian Wright. Despite not working this weekend due to the Match of the Day walkout, Wrighty would’ve still been watching his beloved sport, but he wasn’t impressed by what he saw from Salah.

Speaking with the Premier League, Wright described Salah in this match as being a “shadow of himself”.

"“You are seeing that happen in midfield, then you see Mo Salah missing a penalty like that,Mo Salah was outstanding in that Man United game, then you watch him in this game and he is a shadow of himself.”– Ian Wright (via the Premier League Productions)"

Liverpool fans worldwide will side with the Arsenal legend on this one. No matter the performance you just put in, when you play for a club as huge as Liverpool you have to follow up every performance with a better one. Particularly if their goal is to now finish in the top four, every point is crucial.

Do you agree or disagree with Ian Wright?