Leeds have been active but still have not addressed needs

Jesse Marsch, manager of Leeds United (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images)
Jesse Marsch, manager of Leeds United (Photo by James Gill - Danehouse/Getty Images) /

The talk around Elland Road is that another American player will be joining the squad before the January transfer window closes. Leeds have become a solid home for Americans.

Of course, it is an exciting time for the club to have the opportunity to bring in another quality player in Weston Mckennie.

Playing so closely with Tyler Adams makes the whole signing much more intriguing on and off the pitch.

But what about the depth on Left Back?

Max Wober was allegedly the only signing to address that position but after his performance against Brentford last week, he should be at Center Back full-time.

Liam Cooper is the captain but he has become too much of a liability on the back line for a defensively challenged team as it is.

For now Cooper needs to remain on the sideline and continue his excellent leadership.

Pascal Striujk has done an admirable job at left back this year but his success at the position has a ceiling and I believe he has reached it.

It is also concerning that when Striujk had the opportunity to play his natural position of Center Back in the FA Cup, he looked lost.

The future of this club is questionable at left back but Striujk is certainly in the future of the club at center back. It is not a time to screw up two positions and possibly the future of a promising player.

The confidence level for Striujk is going to be important in the coming months.

Junior Firpo is still around but the real question with him has been staying healthy and his consistency when on the pitch.

Being the most natural left back on the club roster, the FA Cup has been a blessing to get Firpo some game time.

Before the window closes it would behoove Leeds to see some movement in depth at left back just in case of fitness or performance.