FPL Gameweek 16: Why I am including three Arsenal defenders

Arsenal’s Ben White (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Arsenal’s Ben White (Photo by ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images) /

Gameweek 16 FPL deadline is fast approaching. If you haven’t already, transfer in these Arsenal defenders.

It is the final match week in FPL before the break for the World Cup. The bragging rights of being the best in your league will remain for weeks on end, so it is important to make the right moves ahead of this gameweek.

The defence is oftentimes an area of the game which goes overlooked, as it is the premium forwards and midfielders who get all the limelight. With that in mind, I would recommend spending some resources to fix your defence heading into gameweek 16.

The key to a strong defence in this gameweek is Arsenal. I know, if I would have given the advice to focus on Arsenal defenders in previous seasons, you would have permission to bite my arm off.

I already have one Arsenal defender in my team, Gabriel, but I am considering partnering him with one, if not two other teammates. Ben White is the most likely option, but Zinchenko is an option for me too. I am just waiting to hear Pep give even the slightest hint as to whether or not Haaland is fit – I know, I’m not asking for much.

Transferring in some Arsenal defenders is the right way to go. Not much is certain in FPL, but this fact is certain. Arsenal face Wolves, who have the worst attacking return in the league this season, scoring only eight goals. Partner this with Arsenal’s defensive return – with no other side conceding less goals – then you’re on for a winner. It’s worth a shout of Ramsdale keeping a clean sheet too.

The gameweek 16 deadline is Saturday 12 November, 11:00 (BST), Arsenal kick off Saturday evening.

How is your FPL team looking ahead of the all-important gameweek 16?