Darwin Nunez Is off and Running for Liverpool: Fans React to His Four Goals in One Match

Like they got thrashed by Manchester United in their opening pre-season fixture, Liverpool have handed a similar fate to RB Leipzig thanks to a four-goal haul from newcomer and club record-signing, Darwin Nunez.

Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool team looked like they moved up a gear in the pre-season and are close to the relentless team we’ve become so familiar with over the years under the German. A first-half goal from Mohamed Salah and four second-half goals from Darwin Nunez handed them a second pre-season victory.

The final score was 5-0 and a true reflection of the Reds’ business on the day. They were snuffing out almost every threat against them, suffocating the opposition while they were on the ball, and were more clinical in front of goal. It was important for most of the team but especially for their record signing.

All Pressure Is on the Most Expensive Summer Arrival at Liverpool

It’s quite rare that Liverpool is the team with the most expensive summer signing, so when they are the team who have spent the most money on a footballer, then he has to be rather special to the manager Klopp and a key part of the club’s future.

Added to this, there will be endless and relentless pressure on him, on and off the pitch. After the Reds were taken to the cleaners by their oldest rivals, Manchester United, they went on a better run of games in their preparations for the new season ahead.

They’ve now not conceded in any of their last two pre-season games and scored seven, two against Crystal Palace and five against Leipzig. But it was only against the latter where Liverpool’s new boy came to light, which mounted pressure on him and on the club, begging the question, have they spent their money correctly.

There were comparisons to Darwin Nunez and major flop, Andy Carroll. Jurgen Klopp had to come out and answer countless questions from the media regarding his marquee summer addition, with him reiterating a number of times: he will come good soon and he is everything he imagined.

Because the Reds’ business mould has been so airtight since FSG and Klopp took charge, signing players like Virgil van Dijk for a club record £75m and now Nunez for a reported fee of £64m which could rise to £85m in added bonuses, will always be scrutinised intensely.

Van Dijk had to go 65 games without being dribbled past before the world took him seriously. But if you asked me: comparing him to the record deal of Harry Maguire at Manchester United for £80m, it has always been money well spent by the Reds from Anfield.

It will be the same for Darwin Nunez, especially now that he has a direct battle with Manchester City’s new number 9, Erling Haaland, a player who joined the EPL and Man City for a lower transfer fee.

Liverpool Fans Breathe a Great Sigh of Relief

After his first four goals as a Liverpool player, the Anfield faithful breathed a great sigh of relief; the release of air was so loud that it could be heard around the world.

Not only was it good for the player, his teammates, and his manager that he got off the mark, but for the fans as well. He now has less pressure on him while playing and the rest of the world witnessed why Klopp raves about him so much.

Andy Robbo on Darwin Nunez:

The second half was the Darwin show which we are obviously delighted about. Getting off the mark and then adding another three, it’s not too bad. Hopefully there will be many more to come for him.

It always takes time to get used to new signings, we have all been through it ourselves. It’s no different. There may be outside pressure on him in terms of the fee and everything like that, but to us it doesn’t matter.

Today will do him a world of good. It will give him a lot of confidence in front of goal which is obviously so important for a striker

via: @AnfieldWatch

Here Is How the Liverpool Fans Loved That Their New Boy Scored His First Goals

Wait – it’s four goals for Darwin Nuñez. FOUR. Now please don’t ever judge a player on a few minutes again. Brilliant from Carvalho, cool from Nuñez. Darwin Nuñez – Welcome to Liverpool Football Club.

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This Liverpool fan had a bit too much of something while tweeting this one:

Darwin is a better footballer than Messi Don’t get me wrong. Messi has obviously had a better career and is one of the greatest of all times, but in terms of individual quality Darwin is the better footballer.

via: @Darleeton2

Nahh, Milner definitely snuffed up all the inhalers of the others cos these pre season performances are insane, and Nunez, oh my word, I judged too quickly forgive me

vai: @saleez_saleez

As expected, Darwin isn’t the new Werner. End of this annoying debate Move on So glad for him, he needed this

via: @lukelfc88

How much will he score was the question

Yes I said it Darwin Nunez the goal machine!

via: @Mideflow

Don’t care but it’s nice to see a natural finisher in the team, haven’t had one for a while. As good as Salah and Mané were, they also missed a damn lot of chances.

via: @LiamGuerin

Even Goal.com had something to say on the trolling of Nunez

Darwin Nunez silences the trolls and shows Liverpool what they can expect this season

via: @GoalNews @neiljonesgoal

Jurgen Klopp always has the wisest words that need to be heard by many out there, if not, all out there.

That’s the problem of this generation. That you can no longer free yourself from other opinions.

I don’t get it at all, I don’t read crap like that. Why should I? I see the guys every day. I don’t need to read what other people think of him.


The Darwin Nunez criticism is far from done and will only get worse over the course of the season. Thick skin is how most players get over the abuse, trolling, and judgement of others.

The start to the Premier League 2022/23 season couldn’t come sooner, especially with the new battles one gets to enjoy with the new additions to the league.