Chelsea at Risk of Being Removed From the Premier League if Sale Is Not Sorted Out

Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich (Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images)
Russian billionaire and Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich (Photo by Mikhail Svetlov/Getty Images) /

The dust has far from settled at Stamford Bridge with the club now being held accountable by the previous owner, Roman Abramovich, for the loan of 1.6bn. Due to the turn of events, Chelsea are now at risk of being excluded from competing in the Premier League from next season on.

Time is running out for Chelsea despite having several bids for the club. Sadly, since the news that Abramovich wants his 1.6 billion loan back from them if a sale finally does go through, all potential buyers have now taken a step back.

The revelation comes now that the Russian oligarch is unwilling to write the huge sum off completely because of the UK Government’s sanctions on him and others from Russia who are said to be linked to the dictator, Vladimir Putin.

The Dail Mail believes the West Londoners could be installed for their biggest “crisis” since the 1987 “Save the Bridge” campaign:

"If Roman Abramovich now wants his £1.6bn loan paid back to agree the sale of the Chelsea, then the club is facing its biggest crisis since the 1987 ‘Save the Bridge’ campaign, when Stamford Bridge was under threat of being turned into luxury flats by property developers Marler Estates.Abramovich initially claimed he would write off the £1.6bn he had put into the club to ease the sale process. But now it is said he fears that may not be possible because of UK Government sanctions."

Chelsea taking all the heat

Since the invasion of Ukraine by Roman Abramovich’s home country, Russia, there is no denying Chelsea’s time off the pitch has been a torrid one as they bare the brunt of it all.

The club, who are still on route to picking up some more silverware this season, have been pestered by the media for the entire duration of the saga while respective players’ futures remain up in the air.

Added to the turmoil: Some of the Blues’ key players have already agreed to personal terms with clubs outside of England and have rejected contract renewals. This trend will only continue at the Bridge if they do not hurry the sale on.

Chelsea is being rushed on by potential suitors:

"‘If we’re not careful, it’s going to impact the players and the coaches… I hope we get a swift solution’: Chelsea bidder Seb Coe warns the club must sort a takeover quickly, with Blues at risk of not being able to compete in next season’s Premier League.Lord Sebastian Coe – one of the bidders to buy Chelsea – has urged the club to thrash out their takeover as quickly as possible after their sale hit a snag this week – leaving fears over their ability to compete in the Premier League next season. (Via:"

The UK Government does not want the sale of Chelsea to benefit Abramovich. This is said to be the key factor in the hold-up. That and Abramovich going back on his word that he will not request for the club to pay back the 1.6bnd, have made the process of the sale a laborious one.

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The deal structure and sanctions can be adjusted accordingly. However, if Abramovich does not budge on his latest plea, it could be the last we see of the Blues in the big leagues.