Who takes the risk of signing Aaron Ramsey?

Aaron Ramsey of Juventus (Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images)
Aaron Ramsey of Juventus (Photo by Jonathan Moscrop/Getty Images) /

Aaron Ramsey’s time in Italy appears to have run its course and now the former Arsenal player needs to find a new club. Is a return to England and the Premier League on the cards for the Welshman?

In Juventus’s pre-match press conference on Wednesday, manager Massimiliano Allegri finally confirmed what most of us on the outside had already been expecting.

"Aaron Ramsey has returned from training in England, but he is on his way out of the club.Via: Juventus FC"

Per usual, the Serie A boss did not provide further details in regards to the situation but made it evidently clear the plan is for Aaron Ramsey to leave the club during the January transfer window.

Speculation has already been brewing since mid-fall that the Welsh midfielder has been unhappy in Turin for quite some time and has had a personal falling out with Allegri for not being included in the returning manager’s plans.

Ramsey first joined Juventus from Arsenal back in 2019 as a free agent but has since only scored 6 goals in all competitions, featuring in less than 70 matches for the club.

Risky Business

As a player who made a name for himself in the Premier League, it has been widely rumored that Ramsey will make England’s top flight his number one destination.

But despite the player’s pedigree and experience, offers have not exactly been piling up for the midfielder. Any club would need to admit that signing the 31-year old is risky business for a multitude of reasons.

The main one, which is a hard one to ignore, is how injury-prone Ramsey has been over the last couple of years. It was hard for him to evaen find a sense of rhythm at the Old Lady (no matter the manager or the playing style) due to extended, long absences from various muscle injuries, which left him out of the squad for weeks on end.

Second, Ramsey is currently getting paid a large salary by Juventus, rumored to be around £325,000 per week. That’s a lot of money for a player who barely sees the pitch, and Ramsey’s current contract does not run out until 2023.

The only EPL club comfortable enough in picking up the tab for Ramsey’s wages is relegation-battler Newcastle. Speaking of which…

Aaron Ramsey’s Prospects So Far

Newcastle have been heavily linked with signing Ramsey for the past few months, but is the midfielder willing to say yes to the pay, only to then find himself possibly playing in the Championship next season?

Reports also surfaced this week of Ramsey supposedly rejecting an offer from fellow relegation-battlers, Burnley, due to the club not being a more high-profile club. If the Clarets are not high enough on Ramsey’s list of prospects, would Newcastle be any better?

There’s also Crystal Palace’s Patrick Vieira who admitted this week when asked about Ramsey:

"He’s [Ramsey] a terrific player and I think he can do well for teams in the Premier League."

The manager did not make any further comment as to whether his club is or will be pursuing the midfielder, but nevertheless, Crystal Palace has since been linked as a potential landing spot.

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Regardless of where Ramsey does end up, it would be in his best interests to obtain some form of consistent playing time, especially if he wishes to play for Wales in the World Cup later on this year.