Jamie Vardy: From almost quitting football to winning with Leicester City

Jamie Vardy of Leicester City (Photo by Matt Childs - Pool/Getty Images)
Jamie Vardy of Leicester City (Photo by Matt Childs - Pool/Getty Images) /

Jamie Vardy is a very, very happy man right now. His team, Leicester City, is on course to finish in the Champions League spots for the first time in five years. They’re playing great football while doing it.

On Saturday, they lifted the FA Cup deservingly after stunning Chelsea 1-0.

What a game that was, and what a season this has been for the team. They’ve faced hurdles, but they work on themselves to get past them. They’re now looking to build on their successes by making some important transfer decisions.

The best part about them winning is that they’re literally a team that came out of nowhere. They were at one point struggling in the second division, and were not having a good time.

Their future stars — Riyad Mahrez, Jamie Vardy and N’golo Kante clutched up and started performing really well soon after, though. They started playing so well, and combined with the team’s collective effort incredibly won the Premier League title in 2016.

It was something unforeseen; a team that’s been so far behind the “traditional top six” just toppled them all and lifted the title.

But, as I said, for Vardy, especially, it wasn’t a fun time playing in the second division for Leicester City…

How was life for Jamie Vardy with Leicester at age 25?

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He recently talked to Daily Mail about how bad it was for him when he was around 25 years old. It was so bad that he was planning to quit football and move to Ibiza to become a club rep. Yes. It was that bad.

After his move from Fleetwood for 1 million euros, Jamie Vardy was struggling to adjust to life at Leicester City. The Foxes were in the second division at the time. He ended the season with only five goals to his name.

There was a lot of self-doubt involved. He had a conversation with Nigel Pearson about wanting to go back to Fleetwood because at least he was seeing some sort of success there.

Pearson told him he’s good enough to play for this team, and his time will come. Boy, how right was he.

Soon after, things started working out for him and in the next season, Leicester City got promoted to the Premier League. The rest is history.

He scored 24 league goals in 2015/16, won the Premier League with Leicester, and picked up the Golden Boot. His teammates (Mahrez, Kante) left the club soon after but he stayed on, and now, in 2021, won the FA Cup with Leicester City.

It’s truly something every single football fan loves to see.

We’re talking about a man who started from nothing had so much self-doubt about breaking into the scene with a team in the second division — is now lifting the FA Cup at Wembley in front of thousands of fans and millions of others worldwide.

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It’s a remarkable story, and I have nothing but respect for Vardy. He truly deserves every bit of success coming his way, probably even more.