Virgil van Dijk puts Liverpool first before his country – Is he wrong?

Liverpool's Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk (Photo by PHIL NOBLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Liverpool's Dutch defender Virgil van Dijk (Photo by PHIL NOBLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images) /

Liverpool defender Virgil van Dijk has taken the decision to not join his Dutch national side for the up-and-coming Euros competition and will put his rehabilitation ahead of all else.

A tough season was just getting a lot more complicated for Virgil van Dijk. The Liverpool defender who hasn’t played a game since October last year has had to come out and deny the Netherlands manager.

Frank de Boer, who has been adamant about keeping the Holland captain in his plans, was hopeful his most recent quotes would help VVD make a decision – but a decision we all know that would be kind to him and the country.

The centre-back has made his decision and unfortunately, it is not in de Boer’s favour but in the player’s best interest – which will, in the long run, benefit both Liverpool and the Dutch national team.

Virgil Van Dijk had this to say about his current situation;

"I feel physically it is the right decision that I’m *not* going to the Euros and to start my last phase of rehab during the off-season. So, the full focus will be on pre-season with Liverpool and that’s a realistic goal."

We’ve seen rushed injury returns go very wrong

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All English Premier League

There have been many players we’ve seen come back too early from injury and return to the doctor’s table in no time – sometimes even worst than before, having to go under the knife.

Liverpool, as a football club, has always been willing to wait and have learnt to be patient over the years. In the cases of Danny Ings, Daniel Sturridge and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, the Reds have done nothing but wait.

The aforementioned players were never the most expensive investments at the club. They will treat their most prized position as fragile goods and will not let him suffer the same fate as players such as Ronaldo de Lima from Brazil.

He was rushed back from long-term injuries on two separate occasions and underwent the same sad fate where he was injured for even longer spells thereafter. These injuries were also part of the reason his career was cut short.

Virgil van Dijk has not taken the pitch since October when he got injured in the Merseyside derby draw. Sustaining an anterior cruciate knee ligament injury in the challenge with Everton goalkeeper Jordan Pickford, the player’s season ended instantly.

The Reds boss Jurgen Klopp was in his own right, firm on his ruling that Virgil van Dijk would not play another game for the remainder of the campaign nor will he be available for international duty.

Safe to say it has always been the case for van Dijk and Liverpool?

Judging by how quickly VVD has responded to Frank de Boer and how long Klopp has been singing the same tune, Liverpool and the player decided a long while back he is not going to participate in this year’s Euros.

Also, adding to the decision most probably, the Reds need one hell of a preseason to get their act back on track after failing miserably this season without van Dijk.

To risk their MVP before another campaign would just be self-inflicted pain. Virgil van Dijk is well within his right not to want to risk the longevity of his footballing career.

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