Premier League Saturday wrapped up – Ziyech and Eze steal the show

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Guess what? Southampton are still top of the Premier League table two days running as Everton miss their chance suffering from defeat to Manchester United.

The craziness of 2020 plagues the Premier League with nothing looking like what we would consider as normal. The Saint march on at the summit of the standings while Everton gets knocked out of the top four for the first time this season.

The other plague, one that is spoiling the game we love, VAR! What is it here for? Because it certainly is not doing its job, getting decisions wrong more often than not. Offsides are starting to confuse players, pundits, and fans with decades of experience in the game.

Saturday Matchday 8 results

Everton 1-3 Manchester United
Crystal Palace 4-1 Leeds Untied
Chelsea 4-1 Sheffield United
West Ham 1-0 Fulham

It was installed to make decisions easier, not completely change the game we love and know. Anyway, back to the great day of football we got to enjoy this Saturday. Teams like Manchester United and Crystal Palace get back to winning ways while Everton and Sheffield find it hard to pick up points.

Saturday’s best Premier League performers

Easy to spot the best performers of the day. Both London outfits, Chelsea and Crystal Palace shifted four goals apiece past their respective opponents. Both also had a standout player in their victories.

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