Football legend Diego Maradona comes out on top after surgery

The Argentine legend Diego Maradona has been treated successfully after being diagnosed with a subdural hematoma. Brain surgery was a great success for the former Barcelona player.

The legendary player for Barcelona and Argentina national team, Diego Maradona, has undergone successful surgery for a subdural hematoma. Maradona was initially suffering from anemia and dehydration which and later, it was found that there was a clot in the brain.

After the Gimnasia manager went under the knife, the personal physician of the 60-year-old gave the good news to his ardent fans.

Leopoldo Luque, the neurosurgeon, told the media:

I was able to evacuate the hematoma successfully and Diego tolerated the surgery very well

The steps now are observation, but it is controlled. It will depend on how he does. It is not highly complex, but it is still brain surgery (Via Skysports)

Diego Maradona has a bad history regarding his health. The player has been diagnosed with several ailments like internal stomach bleeding, as well as drug and alcohol abuse problems in the past.

The 60-year-old Argentine legend was seen passing out in the executive box during Argentina vs. Nigeria game at the World Cup 2018. The eyewitnesses of the player’s 60th birthday celebration stated that he left the game between Gimnasia and Patronato October 30 unwatched as he seemed sick and weak.

A bit about subdural hematoma

A serious health condition that has the ability to make a person unconscious, subdural hematoma, is the situation where the blood agglomeration takes place outside the brain but inside the skull.   It is called subdural hematoma because of the collection between the two different layers, dura and arachnoid.

For a few people, the bleeding stops at some stage and it goes away suddenly. But, for a few, the bleeding doesn’t stop and it requires surgery. If not treated at the right moment, the pooling of blood puts excessive pressure on the brain leading to unconsciousness and threateningly a coma.

The subdural hematoma is caused primarily due to an accident or concussion. However, the doctor of Diego Maradona opined that the player doesn’t remember any events as such at the moment. So the cause is unknown for now.

The lockdown, because of the pandemic, had a negative impact on many. And, Diego Maradona is one such case where the player was unable to keep himself upbeat. The bad medical history did no good for him. He might be forced to leave drinking and other addictions if he wishes to speed-up his recovery.