The Final Fantasy Premier League Review of the 2019/20 season

Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images,)
Trent Alexander-Arnold of Liverpool (Photo by Shaun Botterill/Getty Images,) /
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The Fantasy Premier League season finished with a bang!

The much-vaunted finale for David Silva bore not a single fruit, but if you backed his teammate and heir KDB you got a massive return.

Man United also continued their strong run with FPL darling Bruno Fernandes getting another goal from the spot and guaranteeing their spot among Europe’s elite next year. We also saw the usual heartache as Bournemouth finally realised they were in trouble and beat Everton, only for Villa to get a draw and keep Grealish as an option for FPL 2020/21!

There will be a quick turnaround between seasons as the league takes August off and returns on September 12th. The FPL website is already down making essential changes before next year, fixtures will be released around August 21st and the smart money would be on the website going live shortly after this.

We now know that Norwich, Watford and Bournemouth will be replaced by Leeds, West Brom and Fulham, who all present interesting additions to the league and surely will have some intriguing options for our FPL teams, but we’ll delve deeper into those once we have more info (prices, fixtures, etc).

To finish off the season I usually look at the best team you could have picked in week 1, but given the prevalence of cheap options such as Pope, Ings, Martial and the Sheffield United defence and the fact that it has been done on twitter, we will eschew that in favour of some FPL end of season awards!