FIFA21: EA Sports unveils some of the new features of the next instalment

Paris Saint-Germain eSports (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)
Paris Saint-Germain eSports (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images) /

One of the reasons many looks forward to the return of football is the installment of EA Sports FIFA.

It feels as if European football just began about a week back and already the time has come to call the season a close for most of those in Europe. The Bundesliga along with La Liga and a few other European leagues have already called the curtain on their respective campaigns while others head into the final stretch.

COVID-19, the worldwide pandemic held back everything this year, derailing every human being’s plan for 2020. One of the things it delayed was FIFA21. But we are past the toughest times and that was learning to adjust to all of this.

EA Sports has started to get us all excited about what new tricks they are bringing to the game we love most and look forward to ahead of each new campaign. Gone are the days when we all just wait for our club to be updated with the latest transfers and fresh kits.

We now prep for the update on almost every aspect of the game. The rise in technology raises the expectancy of everything the game is about. Making the launch even more eventful and anticipated, is the coming of the new consoles, the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. It will be fun to see what the combo for the new game plus the new console equals.

Besides Kylian Mbappe being named on the cover of this season’s edition, here are the first group of changes and new features EA Sports has added to FIFA21, and what to look forward to and get ready for.

New FIFA21 innovations

EA’s first changes are focused on career mode, FIFA Ultimate Team, VOLTA, and gameplay. Basically, everything about FIFA21 is being updated… Again.

  • Career Mode upgrades – More options will be added when developing players. There will also be “additional depth in matches, transfers, and training”. Let’s just hope it’s faster and not so slow to strike new deals.
  • FIFA Ultimate Team upgrades – The one upgrade we’ve probably all been waiting for: online co-op play. Who doesn’t want a mate as a teammate while seated in different parts of the world, earning additional rewards when doing so? Adding to the customization, they are making it possible for you to customize the pitch and stadium in FIFA Ultimate Team.
  • Rewards – What’s the point in doing something if there’s nothing in it for you? No point at all. That’s why with FIFA21, you will now get rewarded for your close control and creativity, and everything you do on the pitch.
  • VOLTA – Taking it back to the streets! The project continues and improvements in this game mode are going to be one of the biggest updates to the game.

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Other changes include the usual celebrations and editing of players’ looks and visuals. The development crew promises there are a lot more improvements to come before October 09, the release date of FIFA21. The initial release date was October 06.