Premier League: A rude awakening for Jurgen Klopp and Liverpool

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A 4-0 loss to Manchester City yesterday evening proves that Liverpool will need to improve on their squad.

After receiving the guard of honour the Reds looked like a Championship team against the runners-up. Error after error in attack and defence allowed City to capitalise on the opportunities provided to them while playing some fantastic counter-attacking football.

Liverpool lacked their usual spark with some unfortunate incidents in defence and upfront which did not go in favour of the Merseyside team. The Reds were 2nd best on the night in all aspects of the game, tackling scoring and passing.

Since the league restarted City has hit the ground running scoring 13 goals in the last 4 Premier League matches averaging 3.5 goals per game while only conceding 2 with the loss against Chelsea.

If Man City continues to show this kind of drive for the rest of the season and it carries into next season as well, then Liverpool must play out of their skins to keep their rivals from prying the Premier League from their hands.

The question is why did Liverpool put in such a poor performance? Was it because they knew they won the league or were they just outplayed?

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