Premier League: Why Bundesliga’s Final Matchday is Important

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Premier League clubs should pay close attention to the Bundesliga’s final matchday. It will be a day where the future is showcased.

Not only Premier League clubs, but all clubs worldwide should be paying attention to next weekend. The future will be showcased right before our eyes and they should be paid attention to.

The Bundesliga’s last matchday will have many matches that have little value. Clubs will likely play many of their younger players. So who could we see playing this weekend?

Giovanni Reyna – Borussia Dortmund

Giovanni Reyna has appeared quite a bit in Borussia Dortmund’s Bundesliga campaign. The young 17-year-old got the first assist of his Bundesliga career. After a performance like that, he could be getting the start or getting some significant minute off the bench.

Either way, it is a near guarantee to see him on the pitch this weekend. Reyna has a good passing ability, especially when he plays from the wing. He puts some good balls into the box which sets up his teammates, in this case, it was Haaland.

Why should Premier League clubs care? Well, Reyna is pretty good for a 17-year-old and he is only going to improve from here on out. He could be Sadio Mane’s replacement if his transfer rumors turn out to be true. Jadon Sancho’s expected departure from Borussia Dortmund will definitely open things up for Reyna.

His playing time and opportunities will increase, which ultimately will lead to better performances and more clubs paying attention. As for the future, Giovanni Reyna could follow Christian Pulisic’s path to the Premier League.

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