Premier League: Bundesliga Players Who Could Be Coming to England

Kai Havertz, Bayern Leverkusen (Photo by Jörg Schüler/Getty Images)
Kai Havertz, Bayern Leverkusen (Photo by Jörg Schüler/Getty Images) /
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Many Bundesliga players are linked to a potential move to the Premier League. Timo Werner’s transfer to Chelsea could be the first of many going forward.

Leon Bailey

Leon Bailey currently plays for Bayer Leverkusen. His recent play has drawn interest from Chelsea, Manchester City, and Manchester United.

Chelsea has lost their interest in him after they recently signed Timo Werner. It will be a battle between both Manchester United and Manchester City.

Manchester United see Bailey as a backup plan if Jadon Sancho does not come to Old Trafford. The Jamaican has netted 7 goals this season and has done well in the shadow of Kai Havertz.

Bailey can provide and extra boost in attack, as he would most likely be placed out wide, probably at right-wing.

Manchester City has also entered the race for Leon Bailey. They see him as a replacement for Leroy Sane, who most likely leaves this summer. Man City seems like they would be willing to pay more.

They can fund the transfer with the money they receive from selling Sane. Man City would be the better fit for Bailey as great players are surrounding him, who would set him up very well.