Premier League Fantasy Football Returns – The Wait is Over and the Time is Now

Juergen Klopp, Liverpool FC. (Photo by Max Maiwald/DeFodi Images via Getty Images)
Juergen Klopp, Liverpool FC. (Photo by Max Maiwald/DeFodi Images via Getty Images) /
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The Premier League’s return signals the restoration of Fantasy Football. If you are not excited that means you are not really an FPL manager.

It’s back! We’ve had weeks of no football with fears of the season being cut short. Determined by algorithms and statistics modelling or even worse just cut off as it currently stands, but the Premier League will officially return on June 17th and with it, of course, Fantasy Premier League.

The game went live yesterday so we can all return to tinkering endlessly with our squads. We will do a proper preview of the next game week (30+ as it is now known), but for now, here are a few things to be aware of when making your choices.

Before we begin I think its important to say that, while I’m in no real position to comment on the protests going on around the world, I’m proud to be part of TTF and their response which you can find here.

Where were we!?

The season finished in GW29, which was supposed to include a DGW for Arsenal and City, but that second match got called off due to the pandemic and that was the end of Premier League football for 3 long months.

Of course, more important things were happening and it was the right decision, but you’ve got to feel for people who pumped a lot into that DGW (a friend of mine played his Triple Captain chip on Aubameyang, ouch!).

There were 92 games still to be played. Nine full game weeks and two matches that were postponed due to the Carabao Cup final (Man City vs Arsenal and Aston Villa vs Sheffield United).

We also had the FA Cup quarter-finals and semi-finals still to come which would have led to a raft of blank GWs and double GWs. That now WILL NOT HAPPEN. There will be no Blank or Doubles beyond GW30+.