Liverpool: The only way Adam Lallana can make himself relevant again

Adam Lallana has found a way to make himself valuable to English football again. No new Liverpool deal on the table means he will be moving on after a 6-year spell.

Lallana‘s time at Anfield has run its course and he is considering a departure this summer in search of a fresh challenge. Liverpool and the midfielder have hit a dead-end in contract talks, with a new deal, not an option.

He has only made 15 appearances this season under Klopp and making the stat even more appalling to look-over, is he’s only started three games of those 15 this term. The Englishman has enjoyed a long spell in the red fo Merseyside but as it goes, all good thing must come to an end and now is about the right time to move away.

This season, believe it or not, was far more successful for him than the previous two, where he was sidelined for long periods at a single go. Over the course of two campaigns, he made as few as 25 appearances. Adding nothing to the scoreboard during this phase.

His time as a Red

Time Spent – 6 years
Games played – 178 appearances
Goals – 22 goals
Trophies – 1 Champions League; 1 Super Cup; 1 Club World Cup
Heartbreaking moments – Too many to count

Potential Adam suitors

Burnley is said to be the latest club to join in on the race for Liverpool’s Adam Lallana. The favourites in this one are his dad Brendan Rodgers and Leicester City. Newcastle’s also said to have a strong interest in the 20-touch, Cruyff turning merchant.

Then again, they should be linked with every player with a latent £300m takeover. The chances are high of finding life after Liverpool. He can go on from here and hope the manager will use him in the remaining Premier League games, bring EPL glory back to the Reds, and then part ways.

Lallana’s best behind him?

There is no denying the midfielder’s best days are long behind him and replicating any such form would require him to play in a team with half of the demand his current club asks for. You can go one better and justify his best time in the Premier League was as a Saint at St. Mary’s.

The Englishman from Southampton was the one the Reds signed, who they got was another story. The only time he showcased the Adam of 2016-17 in recent times was when the manager, Jurgen Klopp, summons him from a bench and his teammates were up against the ropes, 1-0 down at Old Trafford.

What did he do? Put in the equaliser for the Merseyside outfit to continue what would be one of Liverpool’s strongest chances to win a Premier League trophy and at the time, unbeaten run.

The current move a good career one

This is the only way he, at his age, can make himself important again. 32-years-old, the demand of Klopp’s game will get away from him and get the better of him. He would show the same signs as Gary Neville when he overstayed his welcome as a player.

Klopp would want him to stay but as a backup and mentor for the youth. Unfortunately, Lallan’s age is a difficult one. He wants to be a starter and be relevant. A move to a midtable team or team outside the top four or top six would be a perfect match for this to happen.