The Premier League is set to lose out on megabucks regardless of “Project Restart”

Richard Masters, Chief Executive of Premier League, (Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images for Premier League)
Richard Masters, Chief Executive of Premier League, (Photo by Alex Morton/Getty Images for Premier League) /

Clubs could now be levied to paying back money to national and international broadcasters with a “TV refund”. The Premier League could lose out on £340m due to this.

As per BBC Sport, the English Premier League will be losing a boatload of money regardless of “Project Restart” running or not. The timeslots for fixtures have inevitably been affected by having to play many games in a limited amount of time while under new safety restraints.

This has a ripple effect on broadcasting. The cost of this “TV refund” is said to be to the sum of £340 million. This coming from the £9.2 billion 2019-2022 cycle paid to the Premier League.

"Premier League clubs have been told they could have to repay an estimated £340m to domestic and international broadcasters – even if the season resumes behind closed doors.The refund is anticipated as matches are not taking place as expected – both because they will be played without fans and at different times to originally scheduled. Premier League clubs are due to earn a total of £9.2billion from broadcasters for the 2019-22 cycle."

EPL Clubs must prep for BIG LOSS

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As we know, from the EPL to the EFL Championship, everybody gains millions upon millions from TV rights. They now stand to forfeit a quarter of this season’s profits, compared to what was first forecasted by the PL officials.

That total was said to be at an estimated £1b. Premier League chief executive, Richard Masters, has warned clubs must expect a loss in revenue regardless of the path they take, therefore a restart is important if clubs want to gain anything from the current campaign.

It’s long past the subject of if they will lose out on a return. Now it’s only a matter of how much each club is willing to lose out on from this negative impact of the Coronavirus. This is in return is why most clubs are said to want to play the remainder of the games, home and away. The officials have considered their plea and will bring it up with the government – which is ongoing.

"Whatever happens, there’s going to be significant loss of revenue for clubs. That is inevitable. Masters said the organisation was in “ongoing dialogue” with the government, police and ground safety officials. Everybody would prefer to play at home and away if at all possible, and it’s clear to see some clubs feel more strongly about that than others,. (Via: BBC Sport)"

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Will the fans listen?

Playing a huge role in the decision for home and away are the fans, and the risk of them gathering in large crowds outside their respective clubs’ stadiums, or even at the foot of neutral venues. Marsters say the majority of clubs feel they can control their own fans at their own venue easier than at neutral grounds.

With all these talks on so many aspects of the game to be installed for the safest restart, is June 1 a realistic date? All of a sudden, an hour goes by as if it was a minute.