The English Premier League is a go for June 1 reboot – Are you not entertained

Nike Premier League Strike Football, English Premier League. (Photo by VISIONHAUS)
Nike Premier League Strike Football, English Premier League. (Photo by VISIONHAUS) /

A positive wave sweeps the footballing nation in England. News broke of the government handing the Premier League the “green light” to restart as soon as June 1.

Are you not entertained by the news of the government giving the English Premier League the go-ahead to start June 1? If not, what have you been doing your whole life and are not seeking the return of a life we once knew?

One cannot contain the excitement while eagerly awaiting the return of the German Bundesliga, who is the first European league that will make a comeback, May 16. Following the news of the duo’s return, the Spanish La Liga president, Tebas hopes Spanish football will resume on June 12.

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Unlike the French Ligue 1, the three more important associations have agreed to end their respective campaigns before starting up new ones. Not surprising though, tension continues to grow between some clubs in England over the neutral stadium debate, as well as the reopening altogether.

Adding more problems to the discussion of “Project Restart”, three Brighton players have tested positive for COVID-19. This doesn’t exactly hand confidence in the judgment to reboot. If anything, it’s a massive setback for all the plans in place.

"Tensions have grown between clubs over the proposal to use neutral venues to complete the season with three positive tests at Brighton only complicating matters further.The Premier League will insist on a “spirit of compromise” ahead of what is expected to be a fractious Monday videoconference, and what many sources believe could be the most consequential football meeting in a long time. (Via:"

No pressure – June 1 is 20 days away

May 11 calls for the 20-day countdown to next month. Is this enough time to prepare with the news of Brighton’s trio of players recently catching the virus? Are the Seagulls a sign things are moving forward too hastily?

While obeying the lockdown or stay at home rules, 20 days feels years apart. Now that life is picking itself off the ground one week at a time, days moves a lot faster between each other. All of a sudden, it feels like there isn’t enough to be ready for the restart of the Premier League.

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Hopefully, those Seagulls experience a speedy recovery and the EPL starts at the set date with no complaints and just 90 minutes of pure fun, each time players take the field.

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