Son Heung-min: Brilliant on and off the pitch after finishing in the top 5

Jeju, South Korea, military training, Son Heung-Min (Photo by Republic of Korea Marine Corps via Getty Images)
Jeju, South Korea, military training, Son Heung-Min (Photo by Republic of Korea Marine Corps via Getty Images) /

Son leads by the motto; if you going to do anything be world-class at it. Like he is a world-beater in front of goal, so is he in his sharpshooting, following his summons to military duty.

Apart from most who were called to stay at home or take lockdown precautions, Tottenham‘s star player Son was ordered by his country to attend military service after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the globe.

What we know as international duty has taken a whole new meaning with the forward. News of him graduating in the top five of his class, completing what was a three-week course in his homeland. This is nothing new for the player, after missing parts of the Premier League campaign when called upon in 2018.

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"Heung-Min Son has completed his three-week basic military training in South Korea, finishing in the top five out of 157 people in his class.The Tottenham forward, who entered the Marine Corps training camp on the southern island of Jeju on April 20, also finished with a perfect record in shooting.Son’s graduation ceremony was closed to the public, due to social distancing rules in place in South Korea to combat coronavirus, but dozens of fans were still waiting outside for the 27-year-old. (Via: Sky Sports)"

Going the distance in everything you do

South Korean law declares all fit men must complete 21 months of service in the military. This was not enough for the striker. He had to go and take the gun and be the best at hitting the target. Probably the reason he is so deadly in front of goal for his North London club, Spurs.

When at first the news broke about him and his country’s ruling of there being no option to toss out of going on international duty, it seemed quite harsh. From seeing him hit the target so true and making the best of what he has to do for his nation, it now feels more like a major accomplishment.

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As mentioned, he finished in the top five out of the 157 candidates participating. This is currently a better showing to this seasons goal tally. He currently places 18th in the EPL standings for the eight goals he’s scored out of the 22 appearances for Spurs.

Have to show love for one of the best, if not, the best Asian player to step foot on the Premier League scene. A sharpshooter that has scored some bangers in the past. So if you going to do something, do it as Son would do it. Be the best at it when doing it.