Premier League: The FA won’t be having any of that funny business – Thank you

Premier League logo on the sleeve of a Liverpool shirt with a protective face mask (Photo by Visionhaus)
Premier League logo on the sleeve of a Liverpool shirt with a protective face mask (Photo by Visionhaus) /

The FA has sent out warning shots to players, managers, and clubs as the reintroduction of football edgers ever closer. Are the ruling bodies putting the players’ lives at risk?

Clubs refusing to play football once the Premier League reboots with “Project Restart” are now being threatened by the FA. If they do not take the field, there will be serious consequences for those involved.

Other reports motivate some clubs are considering listening to their players if they opt-out and choose not to partake in Premier league affairs. Chris Wilder was one of them and was adamant he will not force his boys to play if their decision is not to.

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This due to the major concern of contracting COVID-19 and some new regulations put forward by the FA, which makes the game near impossible to play. It is being said as the talks are ongoing, the bottom six clubs are those who oppose the reopening of English football.

"Rebel clubs faced being threatened with points deductions for refusing to play on if they lost a vote over neutral venues after Brighton & Hove Albion refused to say whether they would accept defeat.Teams were set to be warned failure to complete this season could have catastrophic consequences for the football industry. (Via: The Telegraph)"

The early days

Following the pause in life due to the pandemic, talks and talks and talks took place. All in charge were open to new ideas and were welcoming fresh plans.

Anything that would help tie-up business was put on the table. The problem of when is still looming as a major concern and what the clubs and the FA cannot pass. The worry of Liverpool breaking the 30-year duck for the Premier League title is not even a priority at this point.

It’s the other end that is too tight to predict. This forces them to have to finish the 9/10 fixtures left to play. Promotion for EFL Championship clubs is also a worry and a hurdle to overcome.

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Players’ health was supposed to take precedence over everything else, but that has all change over the past few weeks it seems. There should be no rush for any league to come back, especially when there is so much testing, self-isolation from family, and a high volume of games to endure in an already scary time.