Liverpool’s Premier League title now simply a matter of when, not if

There have been many doubts in recent weeks over whether Liverpool would get their Premier League title, but all signs seem to point towards it happening.

Right from the start of the season, it seemed inevitable that Liverpool would win this season’s Premier League title, to mark their first league triumph in over 30 years. That was until COVID-19 hit the world, however, causing the football season to be delayed, and many question marks to be placed over it.

Many questioned whether the season would be able to continue and whether Liverpool would be cruelly denied the opportunity to win the title, but recent developments seem to ensure that whatever happens, the Reds will be crowned champions.

First of all, if the Premier League finds a way to conclude the season, Liverpool will surely win the title with no hiccups. Even if they come out of the gates rusty, their whopping 25 point lead is absolutely not being closed down by anybody with just 9-10 matches left to play.

As of right now, a restart later in the summer looks extremely likely, with the Premier League pushing for this to proceed alongside the English government, although some aren’t too happy with it.

However, in the case that the season is forced to end prematurely, Liverpool would still be given their deserved title. This was up for debate last week, when the Eredivisie ended their season with no champion, but that was simply due to AZ Alkmaar and Ajax being tied at the top of the table with the same point-per-game average.

This week, France canceled its Ligue 1 season, but front-runners PSG were still handed the trophy due to their lead atop the table. This pretty much confirms that even in the case of cancelation, Liverpool’s lead atop the table would result in them being given the title.

Of course, the situation as a whole does stain the occasion a bit, with Liverpool likely being unable to celebrate their victory in front of fans in a stadium or at a parade, but the Reds will be relieved either way.