Tottenham: Captain Kane leads the way for Spurs improvised training plan

Spurs are the next team to start with restricted training programs as clubs prep for the return of football. The Premier League is looking at May for the earliest return date.

We can now safely say that April 30 for football’s welcome back party was wide off the mark and saying it was ambitious is underplaying the poor judgment of the Coronavirus. Another date that was wishful thinking was the June 30, the date predicted for the finale.

Thankfully, we have clubs in locations from England to German taking up special types of outdoor training, motivating the positive development in the situation in Europe. This is an attempt to try to stay within the laws of social distancing, with the aim of being ready by the required time (whenever that is).

Of the English clubs trying to make a plan about training, there are three clubs back on the training pitch. Arsenal and West Ham were the first two who incorporate guidelines for training individually, in outside isolation.

Now Jose Mourinho’s Spurs have joined in on the outside fun in the sun. They have the injury return and club captain, Harry Kane, leading the way as the first Spur to start training under the COVID-19 rules and regulations.

He was one of the first out for the season, if not, the first out and now the first back in. The captain is leading the way with the social distancing training plan that allows a single player on a single pitch, enjoying a solo session.

The timing couldn’t be better after losing Kane during the regular season to a lengthy injury suffered against Southampton. He was set to miss many matches (three months). Jose Mourinho welcomes him back but still has no Son to go on for the makeshift ending to the season.

European football’s governing body have given the Premier League until May 25 to reveal details of their plan, including the confirmed restart date and format of the competition.

The proposals would require top-flight players to return to full training by May 18 and, from today, Tottenham have joined Arsenal, West Ham and Brighton in allowing players to return to their training ground under strict guidelines.

Spurs have made a limited number of pitches available at Hotspur Way, their Enfield training base, for first-team players to train individually, with no more than one player per pitch and a limited number of the squad permitted access daily. Each player will travel independently and arrive at the facilities already in training gear. (Via: The Evening Standard)

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As per the report, more clubs will follow the practice. All teams should be training by the 18th of May, giving us an indication on how soon they want to get underway. Adding to these reports, it is said the Premier League wants all games played at specific venues and not just club’s home grounds.