Chelsea’s Jorginho should move back to the Serie A

Jorginho hasn’t lived up to the billing since joining Chelsea, and it has become obvious that he belongs in the Serie A, which suits his qualities better.

Chelsea’s Brazilian-born Italian international midfielder Jorginho was once one of the premier holding midfielders in world football. Back when he was playing for Maurizio Sarri’s Napoli team in Serie A, Jorginho would dictate nearly every match he played in, and his lack of physical ability was no problem in the Serie A, just like it wasn’t for Pirlo in the past or even the likes of Pjanic and Tonali in the present.

When Jorginho made his big move to Chelsea a couple of years ago, many were sceptical, and for good reason. The Premier League is far more physical in the middle of the pitch than Serie A is, and in order to succeed, Jorginho would either have to be head and shoulders above his opposition in terms of quality or bulk up a bit and learn to play a more physical style.

While Jorginho has not been bad in the Premier League by any means, he hasn’t put in the performances that we became used to during his time with Napoli, and in big, intense clashes, he has tended to crumble.

This is why Jorginho should pack his bags this summer and head back to Serie A. He is an excellent player, but only in the proper environment. The relaxed pressing in the Serie A benefits Jorginho, as he has more time and space on the ball there, as opposed to the quick, intense Premier League game.

Of course, I’m not saying that this makes the Premier League better by any means. I’m simply acknowledging the differences in styles of play. There are many good Premier League midfielders who probably couldn’t cut it in Serie A.

Chelsea would be better suited finding a more physical player who can hold down the midfield to play in their #6 position. Many see Kante as a defensive midfielder, but he has never quite played at the base of a midfield 3 before and his qualities in shuttling up and down the pitch would be wasted in this position.

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A player like Thomas Partey would do Lampard’s team a world of good moving forward – not a nimble type like Jorginho. He belongs in Serie A, where his career can be revived and put back on track.