FA Cup 4th round rundown – Young Liverpool books Klopp a 5th-round spot

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When questioned by the public, let the football do the talking. That’s exactly what Liverpool’s youngsters did in their difficult, none-televised victory over Shrewsbury Town.

Six FA Cup replays are behind us and of those six encounters taking place, all the Premier League clubs involved have secured their spot in the next round.

Now they get to enjoy the last of the Premier League winter break in a cheerful manner, sit back and watch the other eight EPL clubs contest over the weekend. Liverpool’s U21’s (Underrated 21/Under 21, whatever way you’d like to look at it) was surely the fairytale of the FA Cup 4th Round.

Premier League Clubs’ Replay Results

Liverpool 1-0 Shrewsbury Town
Oxford United 2-3 Newcastle
Tottenham 3-2 Southampton

Other Replay Results

Derby County 4-2 Northampton
Birmingham City (4)2-2(2) Coventry City
Cardiff City (1)3-3(4) Reading

Despite them playing under immense scrutiny and heat, they still prevailed and booked their on-leave manager, Jurgen Klopp, a place in the final 16. Hard to determine the most entertaining match of this replay round, as we witnessed a pair of five-goal thriller and a six-goal humdinger.

After the conclusion of the replays, the FA Cup Round of 16 is composed of 10 Premier League clubs, five EFL Championship sides, and the smallest horse of them all participating from the EFL League One.

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