Premier League: Tuesday review and how it affects Wednesday’s fixtures in Matchday 24

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What a night of Premier League football. Just when you thought things are going south for a club, they go and turn the relegation battle on its head.

It was a night to remember for those sitting at the very bottom of the Premier League as they pulled together to changed predictions. The fight at the top for the EPL crown has simmered down a bit with each week passing on but the bottom-of-the-table battles never cease for those involved.

Who’s involved? While busy with Matchday 24, there are as few as seven points separating 10th place Arsenal and 18th place, Bournemouth. Four points dividing 14th and 17th. Two points between 15th and 17th. This is how crazy the belligerence is to stay in England’s Top Flight.

EPL results

Bournemouth 3-1 Brighton
Aston Villa 2-1 Watford
Crystal Palace 0-2 Southampton
Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal
Sheffield United 0-1 Man City
Chelsea 2-2 Arsenal
Everton 2-2 Newcastle

A mouth full of what’s going on at the bottom half has left it hard to forecast who will be the unlucky clubs to get demoted. At the summit, it’s a bland story turning into a colourful one maybe after the London showdown last night. Not much can be done about the Reds but the pressures on Leicester to perform is there.

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