English Premier League: A big London derby to kickstart Matchday 24

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Close your eyes and you’ll miss it all. Premier League action coming in thick and fast. It’s the first of Matchday 24 and we have some exciting prospects on hand.

Three days of Premier League action as the FA Cup takes over the weekend. The team who prepares for the worst would be Watford. They play 180 minutes of football over a couple of days.

Matchday 23’s action was no too long ago, so all triumph and disappointment to transpire over the weekend are quite fresh in the memory banks. A recall of many points shared, along with shocking, shocking upsets. As well as the famous Pool-United derby.

EPL Fixtures

Sheffield United vs. Man City
Chelsea vs. Arsenal
Aston Villa vs. Watford
Everton vs. Newcastle 
Crystal Palace vs. Southampton 
Bournemouth vs. Brighton


This time around, it was quite some distance off from being labelled as an unpleasant meeting at Anfield and gladly kept up with the hype, capping off a marvellous weekend of Premier League football. Moving forward as quick as ever, we gear up for the first six instalments of Matchday 24 in the EPL.

Of the six these are there some clashes more exciting than the next.

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