Premier League: Liverpool end off Matchday 32 1001 days unbeaten at Anfield

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Crazy scenes at Anfield after Liverpool the log leaders of the Premier League took all the points from the oldest rivalry in the English game. The perfect weekend for the team 16 points clear at the top.

The weekend was a strange one indeed, although the leaders were the only thing to remain constant in performance and result. Matchday 23 was filled with opponents sharing the points. Beginning to think the Christmas spirit must still be lingering longer and sharing is caring, and most definitely the first chapter in the story of Matchday 23.

Saturday Results

Watford 0-0 Tottenham
Brighton 1-1 Aston Villa
Man City 2-2 Crystal Palace
West Ham 1-1 Everton
Arsenal 1-1 Sheffield United
Norwich 1-0 Bournemouth
Southampton 2-3 Wolves
Newcastle 1-0 Chelsea

The tale of the weekend saw five of the ten fixtures played out conclude without a victor or a loser, leaving 10 clubs with one point each from the efforts. Sounds disappointing, doesn’t it? Thankfully, the English Premier League was far from disappointed and was filled with misfortune, plus shocking showings by some of the top clubs.

The other story had familiar characters starring in their fixture VAR, officials, and controversy. Many calls under scrutiny and has split opinions once again. Weeks on and there has been little to almost no improvement on the subject, but as always, the Premier League marches on.

Sunday Results

Burnley 2-1 Leicester City
Liverpool 2-0 Man United

From a high-paced stalemate the Saturday to kickstart the English events. To a dominant display on the eve of Sunday night, where Liverpool firmly placed one hand on that elusive Premier League trophy. Looking back at Matchday 23, this it The Top Flight’s most shocking and best results of the weekend…

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