Premier League: Best of the busy afternoon slot – A relegation battle is only fitting

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Six games taking place in the busiest period of Saturday Matchday 23 in the Premier League. Of the lot, we have some duels more intense than the next. What of the lot are the ones to look out for?

Watford and Spurs led the way with an action-packed 90 minutes. Following them are some interesting fixture involving teams trying to avoid the drop spots, a birthday wish, and teams on massive rebounds.

Let’s preview the congested time slot and see what’s the most exciting to the least interesting fixtures are. Most to all are looking forward to tomorrow’s old rivalry clash between Liverpool and Man United, which has overshadowed the rest of the weekend’s events.

Previewing the Premier League matches

Norwich vs. Bournemouth – relegation battle

Both teams are playing to avoid the drop but sit uncomfortably in those relegation spots. Both sides start the season off as worthy opponents. Sadly for them, both have been below par and wins have become something far and few between.

Eddie Howe sits on the edge of his seat, sweating the sack from his club. He hasn’t won a game in five outings and is a huge part of the reason why they sit so low in the Premier League standings.

The Canaries have been even more deprived. They haven’t won an EPL outing in their last nine run-outs. Of these nine meetings, they lost five games. Picking a winner here is actually difficult. So much so, this could be a draw.

Score prediction:
Norwich 3-3 Bournemouth

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