Alexandre Lacazette lacks the quality to lead the line for Arsenal

He’s the 3rd biggest signing in club history, but ever since joining Arsenal, Alexandre Lacazette has come up short of expectations.

He’s quick with his feet, he’s a good finisher, and he tends to thrive in big games at home, but at the same time, Arsenal striker Alexandre Lacazette also lacks the stamina to impact a full 90 minutes, the ability to score in away matches, and the ability to score goals on a regular basis.

While he is no doubt a good player who has scored many goals in his career, when you compare Alexandre Lacazette’s quality to the  £48 million Arsenal spent on him, you get the sense that he has never really lived up to expectations.

Just a few months into his career with the Gunners, the team splashed the cash on another player who plays in the same position, and a superior player too, I might add – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

While Aubameyang was indeed a big addition, many chose to ignore the likelihood that this had something to do with the qualities Lacazette was lacking. You get the feeling that Wenger was disappointed in the Frenchman.

Like I mentioned earlier though, Lacazette is a good player, who has scored some stunning goals for Arsenal and Lyon throughout his career. His contributions in big games at home have to be highlighted, but the contrast between his performances at home and his regular abysmal performances away from home sours things a bit.

Compare that to Aubameyang, who performs at a high level no matter where he plays, and you see a massive difference.

He lacks height, he lacks pace, he lacks strength and inventiveness when facing away from goal, and he isn’t a regular goalscorer for Arsenal.

This is why he can’t continue starting as a centre-forward for the Gunners. Pushing a player of Aubameyang’s quality out onto the left-wing to accommodate Lacazette is silly, and in reality, the Frenchman should be sold in order to bring in a creative left-winger that can balance this Arsenal team a little bit better.

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While we can all hope that Lacazette returns to form throughout the rest of the season, there are faults in his game that will never disappear, and for that alone, he isn’t quite fit to lead the line for Arsenal. Come the summer transfer window, they should be looking to shift him on in order to find a better fit for the team.