Fantasy Premier League 2019/20 GW13 – Back for Good?

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It has been another long international break for FPL managers. As always the spectre of phantom injuries and long voyages for star players looms largely over most teams.

The threat of rotation for those who come back late to EPL action (Ecuador played Colombia at 1am on Wednesday morning). Hopefully, you have had some reasons to be cheerful thanks to your national team over the past 2 weeks, but now we must look back to FPL and the upcoming madness of Christmas fixtures!

A quick note on the festive schedule: everybody is a rotation risk (with the probable exception of goalkeepers). Whether you are relying on Harry Kane, Raheem Sterling or Jamie Vardy, there is always a risk of somebody spending a game on the bench to keep them fresh.

However, the ones most at risk of rotation are the ones of most interest to FPL managers. We all know the dangers of Pep roulette but you can’t survive in FPL without a Man City attacker.

Liverpool will be central to most plans but they are going to the Club World Cup so have a guaranteed blank in GW18! The only ways rotation should effect your team is

1) Make sure you don’t have players who are already at risk, such as Mahrez, Ozil or Origi

2) Make sure your bench is strong enough to cope. Now is the time to fix that 3rd bench defender that’s been getting 0 minutes every week, or to upgrade Mason Greenwood to Aaron Connolly or Jordan Ayew.

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