Andrew Robertson: More blues for the Blues of Merseyside – Everton

It’s safe to say, Everton have been second best to their noisy neighbours Liverpool for some time and it appears they have endured the same fate with left-back Andrew Robertson.

Everton has taken on a rocky start to the Premier League season. Their first 12 games in the Premier League have gone far from predicted and have created a similar story to what’s been the tale for the past two seasons.

After 12 games played the Toffees are sitting 15th in the standings on 14 points, six points away from disaster. They’ve recorded four wins, two draws, and six losses. This has called Marco Silva’s methods into question, with another manager sacking lurking over Goodison Park.

Thankfully before the international break, they went two games without defeat for the first time this season. The picked up a draw against a struggling Spurs side in a 1-1 draw and then collected all three points against second-last Southampton in a 2-1 match.

Now rubbing even bigger pieces of salt in the wounds of Everton fans, a story has emerged from Merseyside that Everton could have acquired the services of Andrew Robertson. This is according to Former Everton chief Steve Walsh.

Losing out at life to Liverpool

Former Everton chief Steve Walsh has claimed he offered the Blues the chance to sign Liverpool’s Andy Robertson when he was playing for Hull City.

Walsh, who took up his Goodison Park role after winning the Premier League title with Leicester City in 2016, claims the club “wouldn’t” take the Scotsman.

While I was at Everton, I offered them Andrew Robertson and Harry Maguire deals, when they were at Hull, and it was worth £20 million for the pair. Everton wouldn’t take them. (Via: The Liverpool Echo)

If it’s not enough that Liverpool have already snatched Anfield from Everton way back in 1892, turning it into one of the most hated places to visit and one of the most renowned stadiums in the world of football. Welsh comes and lays this bombshell on the Evertonians.

Adding vinegar to the salted wounds, Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool sit eight points clear at the top of the table, fighting for the league title in consecutive seasons. Talking Jurgen, the Toffees have seen five different managers come in and try to reach the same heights as their neighbours since the German joined the Anfield side.

Extremely fair to declare they wish they had Klopp. The fact that he has Liverpool playing Champions League football in back-to-back campaigns adds to this hurt and Everton blues.

Not all is lost for Everton

With the inclusion of Goodison Park hero and amazing transfer, Lucas Digne in 2018, it’s hard to see why they would need him now. However, Robertson was available from 2017 and was available for £8 million.

Add another £10m on that transfer fee and you would get to the cost Everton paid for their star left-back Dinge. Of the two, it’s pretty obvious who has seen more success since their move to Merseyside. Robbo has gone from milkman to Scottish captain, a Premier League runner-up, and a Champions League winner.

Mind you, he hasn’t just sat back and watched the Reds accomplish these things with Klopp. He has played a big role in their success as well.  Would he have brought this success to Goodison? Not sure, Liverpool have been at for years under the guidance of Jurgen Klopp and FSG.

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As a player, he would not have improved as he has over his time in a red shirt. The point still stands, they could have been a better Everton if they’d listened to Steve Walsh and invested in both him and Harry Maguire.