Manchester United: Cristiano Ronaldo returns to Old Trafford for Champions League showdown

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European football is back baby. The competition to date has been far from disappointing and has shown us it’s not going to be a walk in the park for any team this European run.

The reintroduction of Champions League football is in fact too kind to us all. Again, as always, the two Manchester clubs play out their fixtures together in different locations. The red of Manchester are gearing up for a busy night on the pitch, as they take on group favourites, Juventus.

The match itself has a special ingredient added to the flavour for this evening’s event at Old Trafford. That’s probably what the Red Devils must be most thankful for – the tie takes place in England, giving them a bit of an edge over their opponents.

The treat for tonight’s fixture is that Manchester’s old blue-eyed boy returns to the home where he became one of the princes of European and world football. It will be an emotional night, yes. Can we expect the very best from Ronaldo? Yes, we can.

Is the United faithful going to be in a perplexed mood? Definitely, but the love for the club outweighs the love for what I would say was their best player, ever.

What’s happening afore this evening?

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