EFL Championship: Stoke City determined to return immediately to the Premier League

Still strange the idea of knowing Stoke City will no longer be taking part in the Premier League. Question is, how long will it be before they back?

Stoke City has taken no rest in their search for a new look and a new identity on the pitch. After Lambert failed to keep Stoke up in the English Premier League, it was sure they would seek elsewhere for man to take them back to the elite.

The Potters started from the top and worked down in their backroom staff additions. Gary Rowett was introduced as the new Pot head a few weeks back, eager as ever to take over at the BET365 stadium.

Taken from Stoke City’s website [Gary Rowett]:
“When I joined the Club I highlighted which people would be able to come across with me and who would suit Stoke City and then I also had to think about where I could add a specific skill set to move us forward.
“It was a very easy decision in some ways in bringing Mark, Dave and Joe in straight away. I worked with Kev at Derby and felt he brought a great deal to the strikers and was really, really good at what he did.”

Stoke City confirmed the likes of Kevin Phillips, Callum Davidson, Rory Delap, Mark Sale, Dave Carolan and Joe Carnall, have all teamed up with the Englishman, Rowett.

Might not sound like your big names from the past, but the important thing is, they know what it means to be a Potter.

Old Potters in new roles

The fact they’ve brought in players from Stoke’s past, it could help install what it is to be a Stoke player.

Currently, the club has quite the number of players able to help push them back up into the Premier League. Will these household names help convince outfielders such as Bojan and others to stay? Only time will tell whether this ‘old’ new improved coaching staff are able to keep the best at the club.

Of the three who got demoted, Stoke City I feel stand the best chance to come up. Lambert was a poor choice to begin with. He should have never been considered for the job to keep them up.

Maybe this time they have the right mixture in their backroom staff now.