Where Are They Now: Yakubu

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Welcome to the Wednesday edition of Where Are They Now, a segment where we look at former Premier League players and what they’ve been up to recently.

Today we look a man who has played at 14 different clubs and is still plugging away at the ripe age of 32. He is the second highest African goalscorer in Premier League history. It’s time to feed The Yak, we’re looking at former Premier League striker Yakubu.

You May Remember Yakubu from…

All sorts of Premier League clubs.

Yakubu played a role in Portsmouth’s successful Premier League promotion campaign and two subsequent Premier League seasons in 2003-04 and 2004-05. He plied his trade at Middlesbrough for two seasons and secured a move to Everton. Yakubu stayed at Everton from 2008 to the end of the 2010 calendar year. For 2011 he moved to the Championship playing with Leicester City, but he returned to the Premier League the following season to play for the ill-fated Blackburn Rovers.

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