Premier League Schedule: Top Premier League Matches This Season

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With the release of the full Premier League Schedule, the upcoming pre-season swing is officially underway. Club’s are finally getting into the Transfer Market, stadiums are being prepared and exhibition matches are being confirmed.

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Supporters have already begun to look over their clubs schedule and analyze their upcoming matches. While clubs such as Arsenal and Chelsea will be looking towards their first rivalry matches, newly promoted sides Watford, Bournemouth and Norwich City will just relish their first matches in the Premier League.

Taking a look at the schedule, we have found the 2015-2016 Premier League’s top matches. While these matches may not be rivalry matches or important as it comes to the top of the table, these matches are the best to watch out for based on the clubs involved.

Some will involve matches that could determine the Premier League Champions while others could have a say in what clubs face relegation next May. These matches represent key moments for clubs who may not even be involved in a relegation or championship battle.

While this list represents only a prediction of what could possibly occur this season, these matches could all be ones for the record book. These are the Top Premier League matches for the upcoming season.

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