Best Premier League Transfer Rumors


Taking a look around the Premier League, we take a look at the top Premier League transfer rumors and examine the chances of a move possibly taking place. Some of these moves you will see are highly unlikely to occur in the near future, but could happen if the selling clubs continue with their current courses.

Angel Di Maria to Paris St. Germain

Manchester United promised to open the club’s wallet this past summer. They fulfilled this promise when the club payed a British transfer record £59.7 million for Argentina Star Angel Di Maria. The 26-year old winger, who signed a five year deal with United, could be set to leave the English giant this summer. UK Paper Daily Star is reporting that French Powerhouse Paris St. Germain is set to make an offer for the winger this summer following the end of the club’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) sanctions.

“Perhaps I’ll go to PSG one day. I don’t know how it will all end.”

The main question mark about this move would have to be United’s willingness to part with their new star so soon into his tenure with the club. The only way I could see United making a deal to sell the player would be if the offer was greater than what they paid for him. Meaning an offer in the region of at least £60-70 million range would be required from PSG. The Paris based club do have the money for a move of this magnitude, but with FFP staring them straight in the eye, would the club risk a move like this?

Di Maria though, hinted in an interview earlier this month that he could be keen on moving to Paris.

"“It could have been a good experience for me to go to Paris. I know I’m still young, perhaps I’ll go to PSG one day. I don’t know how it will all end.”"

Di Maria also believes that it was the FFP sanctions that prevented him from moving to PSG this past summer.

"“PSG, they had a money problem and they couldn’t buy players.”"

Moving to Paris after one season in Manchester could be on the player’s mind, but whether or not United is willing to part with him, is yet to be seen.

Mario Balotelli returning to Italy

Liverpool’s struggling striker looks set for a transfer in January. The move away from Anfield may come less than five months after the forward arrived at Liverpool from Italian Power AC Milan. Previous reports from British papers had Balotelli being set up for a return to his first pro club, Inter Milan. With the hiring of Roberto Mancini, Balotelli’s former manager at both Inter and Manchester City, many believed that Balotelli would be on his way back.

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However, the situation has recently changed for Balotelli — who has no goals in the Premier League this season — when his agent denied reports of him returning to Italy. Mino Raiola, Balotelli’s agent, stated that “Mario will not return to Serie A.” Raiola would go on to elaborate his stance a little bit more, stating “Him (Balotelli) to Inter? It’s impossible, not because Mancini has returned but for other reasons that I don’t wish to get into.”

Seeing the comments from Balotelli’s agent leads to the belief that a move back to Italy for the forward may not be on the cards. However, Raiola did not say anything to contradict the fact that Balotelli could leave Liverpool in January. A move still looks likely for the Italian, but the question now remains as to where? A move out of the Premier League is almost definite at this point, but the club which will make a move for him remains to be seen.

Chelsea not interested in Marco Reus

Following the Borussia Dortmund and German Star’s ankle injury this past weekend, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has revealed that he has no interest in signing Reus. The German, who tore some ankle ligaments when he was tackled last weekend, will be out until at least the latter half of this season, and possibly until the start of next season. It was reported that Chelsea were prepared to offer £20 million plus Andre Schurrle to sign Reus.

In a recent interview however, Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho all but closed the door on a possible move by Chelsea to sign the German. Mourinho revealed to local media that “We don’t want Marco Reus. The market is closed and the player belongs to Borussia. We have top players in this position.” These comments from Mourinho seem to seal the door shut on any possible move to Chelsea for Reus.

Though the door looks to be closed on a Chelsea move, Marco Reus is still a prime target for other English clubs. Arsenal, Manchester United and Liverpool are just a few of the known clubs targeting Reus. Whether the German’s injury changes any of these club’s plans is yet to be seen, but should the player recover to full form following the injury, there is no reason why Reus should not be a major star in the English Premier League.