Freddie Ljungberg: Where Are They Now?


In a new series we will be looking at where stars of the past are now. In this first episode we take a look at ex-Arsenal legend Freddie Ljungberg. A star player for the Gunners and his national team Sweden, where has the extravagant man ended up?

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Arsenal teams of the past were players to drool over. Thierry Henry, Dennis BergkampPatrick Viera, Robert Pires, Gilberto and Freddie Ljungberg to name just a few. Managed by legend Arsene Wenger, the team of the early 2000’s went on to great things, things that Arsenal fans haven’t seen the likes of since.

In 2003/04 Arsenal – dubbed the ‘Invincibles’ – went the full season without defeat to regain the Premier League title. Ljungberg was an integral part of this team as he played 30 of the 38 games in his natural wide position. He contributed just four goals to the cause but his affect was far greater noticed in his assists and set up play.

As well as this unbelievable year, Ljungberg won numerous titles, both league and cup, with the team as well as playing in the final of the Champions League in 2006.

After nine years at Arsenal, the Swede joined London rivals West Ham for free on a four-year-contract but it was his contribution at Arsenal that put him in the hearts of Gunners fans everywhere.

Where Is He Now?

Unbelievably, at the ripe old age of 37 he is still playing, well he is contracted to a team but has yet to play due to injury. After his spell at Arsenal and then West Ham, Ljungberg went of the radar. Many said he had retired but it turned out just to be a hiatus as he joined Seattle Sounders and Chicago Fire in the MLS, followed by stints at Celtic and then, in 2011, Japanese club side Shimizu S-Pulse.

Following this came his retirement, and he joined the Premier League as an ambassador as well as taking an active part in several charity football matches and schemes.

However, on 25th July 2014 the fairy-tale came true for Freddie Ljungberg fans as he announced that he had come out of retirement and had signed for Indian Premier League team Mumbai City, becoming their marquee signing. However, he missed their first match due to injury on Sunday 12th October.

He now plays alongside Nicolas Anelka under the tutorship of Peter Reid and Steve Darby. Only he knows how much longer he can play for before finally hanging up his boots!