Man City vs Aston Villa (A) – Player Ratings


Aston Villa 0 – Man City 2 (Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero)

Despite the immense money injection at Man City over the last few years – what appeared be a complete change of scenery for the millions of years-tortured City fans – games like this prove that there are just some things that a club holds on through thick and thin, through poor and very, very rich.

For Manchester City, this old keepsake is their partiality to doing absolutely nothing the easy way. In years passed, this was often labelled as ‘Typical City’; but one could be fooled into thinking that this adage would leave just as mega-money Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero and Co. arrived at the newly-named Etihad Stadium. But alas, as last night, and the finales Man City’s two Premier League titles, have shown, this is not at all the case.  City fans will still hope that this ‘hard way’ will still bear fruit (particularly in the case of the much-maligned Champions League), but time will only tell.

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Joe Hart: 7 – After yet another period of the seemingly anti-City press banging on Joe Hart, this time for a ‘mistake’ against Roma (which begs the question: How do you expect Englishmen perform at an international level if they’re constantly criticised by the same patriotic press who usher out ‘Back Our Boys’ flags and posters come the World Cup? I’m looking at you The Sun), Joe performed as best as he was able to show, given the lack of actual trouble he had in goal.

Pablo Zabaleta: 7 – I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able give Pablo Zabaleta a sub-7 rating. He has yet disappoint this season at right back, and I don’t see any possibility of this happening. Man City should never find themselves taking for granted how much Zabaleta provides going forward and at the back. Just a shame he won’t be able play forever.

Vincent Kompany: 8 – Along with Zaba and Milner, the captain is often one of City’s most consistently solid players, and like with Demichelis, his calming presence has already improved his centre back partner, Eliaquim Mangala. Made only one error in the first half, but bar that, he time after time prevented Villa from counter attacking.

With Kompany as commanding as usual and Mangala looking on the up, City’s defence could be an even bigger asset than last year.

Eliaquim Mangala: 7 – I must say, I thanked my lucky stars that we had this guy at the back against Aston Villa. Their obvious threat is their immense pace, which threatened to put Lambert’s side ahead a few times, but the fact that Mangala’s huge frame (and scary pace) stood in their way stopped such an outcome. Needed a fine performance to ease himself following his horror-show at Hull, and did just great. Nearly scored; has been unlucky thus far to kick off his goal tally.

Aleks Kolarov: 6 – Did his best to keep City attacking, but many of his passes and shots seemed rushed and went a bit haywire. Definitely a surer start than Clichy, who tends play in extremes, but Aleks needs to stop himself from getting frustrated and fizzing the ball all sorts of ways when the going gets tough.


James Milner: 7 – I’m sure many are pretty raging that City’s so-called wasted talent is performing brilliantly and consistently. The media can’t decide whether they want criticise him for being ‘boring’ or not playing a lot for City, but they can do neither right now, with the Englishman being creative and one of City’s best lately. Deserved to get an assist late on, setting up Aguero for the second.

Yaya Toure: 7 – Doesn’t yet deserve to be forgiven for his woeful earlier displays, but did play pretty well in the central midfield spot. Has yet to push forward too much like last year, but played some exquisite balls from deep in the midfield while he slowly dictated play, before placing the ball brilliantly into the corner of the goal, giving Guzan little chance at a save.

I’m wary of getting my hopes up too much, but it could be a sign of some returning form.

Yaya’s decent performance and exquisite finish are what City fans hope be signs of better things with regards the Ivorian.

Fernandinho: 5 – Came off injured at the hour mark, but did alright when chasing Villa, and kept up with the likes of Delph very well. Didn’t quite perform to the standard he did against Chelsea and Bayern, sides who should kept him more quiet than Villa.

David Silva – STAR PLAYER: 9 – Simply amazing. There’s a reason there is a pretty unanimous appreciation for the Spanish magician from fans the league over, and he tickled the nation’s fancy in a way only he could last night. Doesn’t defend as much as I’d like , but when a player creates twice as many as he could prevent by tracking back, he gets a free pass as far as I’m concerned.

Sometimes Dzeko isn’t on his wavelength and doesn’t quite make the most of Silva’s magic, but Aguero does, and it’s a joy to watch. Certainly not his fault that City didn’t score until late.

One criticism – there’s nothing wrong with a shot every once in a while David, try it.


Sergio Aguero: 8 – Unlucky to not score until the late minutes of the game, hitting the post early on and finding Brad Guzan batting out most everything thrown at him. Great finish for the goal, and proved why I prefer him to Dzeko, by trying to create chances for himself and being somewhat productive when trying to regain possession. 

Edin Dzeko: 5 – Some argued that maybe he just didn’t suit playing against the pace of Villa, which is why he did almost nothing, but when it comes to their defence, Villa don’t have much more pace than the next team, so in my opinion the excuse is invalid. Had a good chance late in the first half but blasted it over unfortunately. Next game he’ll be back, knowing the Bosnian.


Frank Lampard: 7 – I’m still frankly surprised that he’s doing as well as he is, but I’m not going complain. Just helps out the midfield a lot when he’s playing, and seems to be becoming quite the prolific goalscorer too.

Fernando: 6 – Didn’t really notice him, which is a testament his solidity. Nice to have him back.

Jesus Navas: 6 –  Like Fernando, wasn’t too present when he was subbed on, but contributed a few times to the attack.