Wayne Rooney: Fans Need To Leave Him Alone


Mandatory Credit: Jayne Kamin-Oncea-U SA TODAY Sports

Wayne Rooney has received a lot of flack in his career, from criticism regarding the England national team to doubts over his ability to captain his club side Manchester United. But, some judgements from his sending off this weekend have been way over the top. Let me explain why.

Firstly though let me clarify that I am not a Manchester United supporter, nor do I care much for the England team so my thoughts on Wayne Rooney come from a humanitarian stand point. Plain and simply, I feel sorry for the man. His constant critics from members of the press and public goes over the top and points, and for some reason he seems to be enemy number one. Why? I’m not sure, but what I do know is that people need to lay off him!

I must also add that I completely agree with his sending off on Saturday afternoon against West Ham. It was stupid and quite frankly a poor footballing choice. With defenders between him and the goal, he could have let Stewart Downing run off but that’s not in his mindset. A mindset that actually makes him the good player he is. Constantly tracking back and never giving up defines his role at Manchester United and is one of the reasons he became captain in the first place.

But he deserved the red card. Not an ugly tackle by any means but an idiotic and perhaps childish reaction to being beaten by Downing. However, following that red card, people were baying for his head. Some were even saying that he doesn’t deserve captaincy and this is where I have reservations.

These are just a few Twitter reactions to the red card, and believe me I could include more. But, saying he shouldn’t be captain because he is an “idiot” and “not a role model” because he got sent off against West Ham for a silly kick. That’s ridiculous.

Back in 1999 Steven Gerrard was sent off for Liverpool as they faced Everton for quite frankly a disgusting tackle on Blues goalscorer Kevin Campbell. His studs embedded in the strikers thigh as Gerrard wore increasingly more angry at falling behind. Compare this tackle to Rooney’s and you can see the difference. Reckless from Wayne, downright dangerous from Steven.

Of course, there are differences in situation, being behind against a local rival is the main one but that makes it even more stupid of Gerrard. Both teams were already down to 10-men and being a goal behind meant Liverpool needed all the help they could get.

Steven Gerrard went on to become Liverpool captain and is now regarded as one of the nicest and best captains in the Premier League. Wayne Rooney will never be viewed as this. People will put aside his excellent footballing abilities and work rate in order to slate the United player, even his teams fans were on his back on Saturday and this cannot help the already precarious position the club is in.

Maybe, it is because Rooney is generally an angry man as described by Rio Ferdinand in his book and of course there is nothing more than football followers love to see than a footballer explode under the pressure and ridicule – such as Rooney famously did after the England team’s match against Algeria in the World Cup 2010.

I don’t know why people hate the player, but they do, and Red Devil fans need to lay off him if they want Manchester United or England to succeed in the future. He is instrumental to both teams whether you like it or not.