What is Chelsea’s Best Eleven This Season?

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The Midfield:

Chelsea midfield is the engine that will drive them to silverware. But it is also their biggest problem. Inconsistency and defensive problems could hold the team back.

Once again, a central duo are the set starters. Nemanja Matic and Cesc Fabergas match perfectly as the midfield pivot. Matic anchors it, making sure that on the attack, no space is left in front of the center backs. Fabergas creates from the back, already picking up 6 assists.

Oscar will almost always play down the middle. Whether Chelsea play a 4-2-3-1 or a 4-3-3, the Brazilian will start consitently. However, sometimes Mourinho will rotate him out, in favor of Ramires, who is more defensive, and quicker. The game against City showed this, as the Blues dug in for a defensive stand.

Eden Hazard is always going to start on the left. His creative ability is amazing, and he has the task of picking Chelsea up when the Blues are down. The Belgian is about to sign a new, five year contract, so his role is sealed for a while.

The right side is the biggest problem. The question is whether Willian or Andre Schurrle should start. Willian offers more defensively, and is stouter in the face of opposition. He recovers better, and if Ivanovic starts, will complement the Serbians fiery style with a more icy, cool one.

But, if, as I think, Luis will come in, and Azpilicueta will play right back, then Schurrle needs to start. His attacking play is decidedly better. His preference for drifting into the center of the box allows Diego Costa to drift out to the outside, like the Spaniard (Brazilian?) enjoys. He is a strong header of the ball, a good set piece taker, and is quicker than Willian. Azpilicueta will pick up his defensive fallacies, and he will pick up Cesar’s offensive fallacies. It’s the best overall option.