Support For Alan Pardew Comes Flying In From Ex-Players


With Alan Pardew needing more support than ever to keep his job, ex-players Hatem Ben Arfa and Peter Lovenkrands have both come out and said how they don’t want the manager to be sacked and how he is great to work under. But could that save the Magpies boss?

Alan Pardew is close to the axe if you are to believe the story run by ‘The I’ newspaper today, which has a “Mike Ashley Exclusive”. The Newcastle owner apparently said to a reporter in a London bar that Pardew was on his way out. However, his lawyer called the paper the following morning claiming it was only a joke.

"“He’s got one more game. If we lose against Stoke on Monday night then he’s gone. I have had enough.” [Making a throat-cutting gesture] “Dead. Finished. Over. One more game then that’s it. What would you do? I have spent a lot of money on that club, it’s cost me a lot. I won’t put up with it any more. Honestly, answer me, what would you do? One more loss and he’s gone, he’s over, finished.”"

Hatem Ben Arfa

Ben Arfa was an absolute fan favourite, but maybe only when he was being pushed out of the club by Alan Pardew. During the last few seasons I saw hundreds of Tweets and spoke to many people who thought that he was far from consistent enough in the Premier League. But, whether fans were happy or not, Pardew decided that it was time for Hatem Ben Arfa to leave the club, and a season-long loan to Hull was completed on transfer deadline day.

"“I do not blame him (Alan Pardew), I do not want him fired.”"

Hatem claims that he is still a supporter of his parent club Newcastle United and has mentioned to several people that he still looks out for results and urges them on for wins in the League – except when they played Hull City. Sky Sports also say that he told them that he doesn’t want the manager sacked; that keeping the manager is best for the club. But what does he know, he is just a former player.

Peter Lovenkrands

Lovenkrands was an essential part of the Newcastle United squad during some of their darker days. When the Magpies were relegated, Peter scored many important goals to ensure they bounced straight back up into the top league. He also played in the Premier League for the club and scored 29 goals in all competitions.

"“Alan Pardew is a great guy to work with.”"

This was his opening line in his column for The Chronicle and he goes on to praise the management style and tactics of the under fire manager. Lovenkrands said that during his time at the club, Alan Pardew led them to a fifth place finish and during that highflying season, the tactics were “very good”. He is quick to motivate you, criticised well and a “fantastic manager to boot”. But what does he know, he is just a former player.

Save Alan Pardew

But it’s not just ex-players that have come to the aid of the manager. A Twitter account has been set up called @SavePardew and has already amassed over 500 followers. It brings together news stories and analysis of why the Newcastle manager should be spared the sack. Unfortunately, the Sack Pardew campaign clearly has money behind it and so will always get a higher following, but real fans should want Pardew to stay.

Sacking a manager just after he has bought nine players would be tragic. But what do I know, I am just a football writer and analyst?