LeBron James meets Lionel Messi, Iniesta, Xavi, Barcelona FC


It’s not all that often we get moments like this.

When two all conquering, face of their respective sports and just genuine superstars meet despite having absolutely no other comparisons other than the aforementioned characteristics.

Well a couple of days ago we had one of those moments.

For those of you who are reading this from outside the USA or do not have an interest in the NBA, LeBron James is the best in the world. For those of you reading this who do follow the NBA, please do not bring your Kobe vs LeBron debates, nor your ‘taking my talents to South Beach’ lectures or your ‘LeChoke’ references into this website. Not only will you confuse the hell out of the rest of the world that simply doesn’t care (which I guess I have started to do so I will stop), but there is a better time and place for that.

If you are one of those people I also write for another site through Fansided called The King James Gospel. Yes it’s exactly what it sounds like, the link is www.kingjamesgospel.com

Now I have that shameless self marketing out of the way I can get back to the story.

LeBron James was recently in Spain, presumably as a part of a Nike marketing campaign, and stopped by at a Barcelona training session. Here he came face to face with the superstars of the world’s best football team, and rather comically dwarfed the entire team, especially the obvious such as Messi, Xavi and Iniesta.

It was somewhat a bittersweet moment for me personally, as a LeBron James enthusiast and major Barcelona hater (I’m an Arsenal fan I have every right to be this way) but these kinds of moments do not come around all that often.

It was rather funny to see the two standing next to each other, given their obvious differences which contrasts the clearly different requirements for dominating their relevant sports. Lionel Messi comes in at 5’7 and weighs around 150lbs (70kgs) whereas the slightly more imposing LeBron James is 6’9 and boasts over 260lbs (118kgs+). You wouldn’t want to see them compete at anything really, Messi would likely become road kill.

When the two best players from two completely different sports come together it stirs something deep within the real sports fan.

When the two shook hands at around midday on the 20th of August, a hugely rare phenomenon occurred. We had not seen something of this magnitude since Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan last met. Scientists acknowledged that at the very moment James and Messi shook hands, time literally stood still, just for a brief moment. Following this a subtle shockwave swept the entire earth as two incredible powers came together for the first time in a chemical reaction the likes of which we have not seen for a very long time. You may not have even noticed it, but believe it happened.

There is a reason these moments do not happy very often. There is a reason Nike do not often make commercials featuring sportsmen and women from all sports around the world, and when they do so it is in a very controlled and remote environment.

Anyway, here is a brief video of the meeting. If you watch carefully when they shake hands. you may be able to see time stop and an incredible surge of power sweep away.

Did you see it?

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